NRC & Guest Speaker Tonight!


Hey everyone!

Quick reminder! We have another ANS meeting tonight at 6:30pm (note the time change) in Min Kao 524.

Tonight’s meeting will feature a guest from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a special guest speaker on personal finances during and after college! We hope to see you all there! (Oh, and free dinner, as usual).

One more thing – we are planning social events for the semester and want to gauge interest! Click here to vote! Our first event is October 18th – details here.

Nuclear Science Week

Please read the following message regarding NSW and volunteer opportunities!

Hi again everyone,

It has been a little while since I initially had people sign-up on the Volunteer interest sheet, but we have now finally gone live with our online Volunteer Sign-up sheet for Nuclear Science Week.  The signups can be found at the following link:

The signup sheet itself has a brief description of the available volunteer opportunities, and of course if you are looking for more details about NSW in generally, you can find it at: 

As a reminder, those that volunteer for a sufficient number of cumulative hours will have free access to the reception on 10/22/2015 which will be catered and have an open bar for those that are age eligible.  Currently, the required number of hours is 8 cumulative (doesn’t have to be all on the same day or consecutive hours), however this may be relaxed as we get closer to the actual event.

I encourage you to spread the word to any and all others who may be interested.  Volunteers do not have to be students, but it is preferred that they be somewhat knowledgeable of nuclear if they will be manning any informational sessions or booths.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (  Look forward to seeing a lot of volunteer spirit!

Turnout to last week’s meeting with Dominion was
great! Plus, who can say no to free Zaxby’s chicken!
Have a great day, and Go Vols!

ANS Crew

PS – Can’t find that email from last week? All messages are posted online at for your viewing pleasure. Plus, check out the new photo galleries!

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