ANS Fall Trip

ANS Fall Trip!

Hey everyone!

We hope everyone’s semester is going well so far! Our next social event is a trip to Ohio to visit the Cedar Point and Kings Island amusement parks, which will be fromOctober 16th-18th (fall break)!! The total estimated costs for ANS UTK Members – $119.98-139.98 (see the breakdown below). This cost includes food and the tickets for the amusement park. Hopefully, ANS UTK will be able to cover the gas, hotel, and parking costs! For more information on the Kings Island Amusement Park, click here For more information on the Cedar Point Amusement Park, click here

Sign up here (you don’t have to commit at this time, but let us know if you are interested!)
Get excited!!
Above: Summary of costs for ANS Fall Trip.
Have a great day, and Go Vols!

ANS Crew

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