Purple Paint Party

#PurplePaintParty Tonight

Hey Vols!

You miss us? It’s been a while since we sent out an email! Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to fill your inboxes again over the next few weeks! There’s a lot of info in this email, so hang with us!

Guess what. American Nuclear Society at UTK (that’s us, by the way), will be participating in Relay for Life this year! What is Relay for Life, you ask? It’s a global fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. They raise money to support those battling cancer, plus fund grants for research into cancer treatments. You can find out more at relayforlife.org/utk.

Come join us in supporting Relay for Life at the kickoff party tonight, at 5:30pm in FIJI Island, Fraternity Park! There will be free food, music, and tons of purple paint! The party is free for our Relay team members!! Registration for the Relay for Life event is only $5 until tomorrow morning (so register now!) if you use the coupon codeRelay2016. White Relay T-shirts (though soon to be purple) are sold at the event for $1 so don’t worry about ruining your clothes!

You can register for our team tonight at the event (registration opens at 5pm) or online now at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/ansutk! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Click to join our Relay Team!

Watts Bar / NAYGN Tailgate This Weekend!

Join us this Saturday, November 7th, before the South Carolina football game! We’ll be tailgating with the TVA Watts Bar Crew and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear chapter! They’re providing free food and drinks in Circle Park, starting at noon! They’re excited to meet all of you! It is NOT a formal event, so feel free to meet these professional nuclear engineers who might give you a job while wearing your most ridiculous bright orange and white overalls!

Watts Bar Tour Sign Up!

It’s officially happening – again! Join us for a tour of Watts Bar Nuclear Power Station on Saturday, November 21st. This is an awesome opportunity to check out a nuclear power reactor – if you’ve never been to a reactor (cough cough freshmen), you should definitely come on this trip! If you have been to a reactor, you should also definitely come on this trip (its still pretty cool). We’ll meet in the morning and carpool to the power plant!

Sign up for your spot herehttps://goo.gl/U50aEV

After you sign up, we’ll contact you with the super secret forms to fill out that are required to visit a nuclear power plant!

Summer Internships and Scholarships

Dominion has posted their summer internships! Check out more information here.
ORNL has posted their summer internships! Check out more information here.
ANS has posted their scholarship opportunities! Check out more information here.
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Cadillac Mountain Sign Up!

Join us on New Years when we go to Maine (yeah, that really cold place up North with lots of Moose.. Mooses? Meese?)! We’re gathering interest, so if you’re interested (non-commital), please sign up here!

Upcoming Events

  • Next ANS Meeting 11/17: Featuring a speaker from Y-12, Susan Turner. As always, free food. More details as the date gets closer!
  • WIN ORNL Tour 11/19: Contact Alyx for the deets!
  • AP Physics Class Outreach 11/20: Email Greg or Jerrad for the deets!

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