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Please take a look at this awesome opportunity to win cold hard cash from our very own local ANS section!

Oak Ridge/Knoxville Local ANS Section Members,

The upcoming March OR/K ANS Local Section Dinner Meeting will feature some very special presenters: our Local Section’s students!  With the 2016 ANS Student Conference rapidly approaching, we would like to feature our students this month and give them a chance to practice their presentations in front of a friendly (and constructively critical) audience.  Students will submit abstracts or conference papers for their presentation topics and we will select 5 students to present at the dinner meeting.  Cash prizes will be awarded to all students who are selected to present at the meeting.  The awards will be as follows:

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $100
Honorable Mention: $50

Students will have from today until midnight on Tuesday, March 1st to submit their abstracts/conference papers.  Papers should be emailed to Chris Perfetti at perfetticm@ornl.gov.  These papers should be formatted appropriately for whatever conference to which you will submit this paper.  We would like to focus primarily on papers that will be presented at the 2016 ANS Student Conference, but papers from other conferences will also be considered.  Please indicate where you intend to present your work if it is not at the ANS Student Conference.

Students should bring their presentations with them to the dinner meeting in a PowerPoint or PDF format (preferably both).  Presentations will be 10 minutes in length with an additional approximately 2 minutes for questions.  We will send out the list of selected presenters (and the order of their presentations) on Wednesday, March 2nd.

Please contact Chris Perfetti at perfetticm@ornl.gov if you have any further questions.

Your Local OR/K ANS Section

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Join Our Relay Team!


  • Officer Elections will be held at our General Body Meeting immediately following spring break.
  • If you are interested, start sending in short bios (who you are, why you want to be an officer, why you are qualified) – about a paragraph in length.
  • Remember – the more involved you are in ANS, the more likely you are to get a position. Join our Relay team and go to outreach events like the one above to prove you’re an essential part of ANS!
  • A complete list of the officer positions and their responsibilities is available on our website: http://ansutk.com/about-us/officers/

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Have a great week and Go Vols!
-Your ANS Crew

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