2017 – 2018 Executive Committee

President: Duncan Brocklehurst

I am a first year PhD student in Nuclear Engineering, working in Nuclear Security, focused  on pre-detonation forensics. I studied at UT for my undergrad degree in Nuclear Engineering as well, and grew up in Nashville. As the president of ANS, I organize the meetings and speakers, and coordinate within the society as well as with the university and our community to ensure things run smoothly. You can contact me at

Vice-President: Jillian Newmyer

Hi! I’m Jillian Newmyer and I’m your Vice President for ANS this year. I am a junior in nuclear engineering from Columbia, South Carolina. You can usually catch me in the nuclear lounge most days, either doing homework or rocking out on Guitar Hero. I am also the chairperson for the ANS Social Committee, which is always accepting members! As always, if you have any questions, comments, or want to talk about your favorite tv show, email me at

Treasurer: Andrew Volkovitskiy

I am a Junior in Nuclear Engineering from Louisville, KY. As the Treasurer, I manage the society’s spending for food, T-Shirts, and the ANS Student Conferences in spring. If anyone is interested in helping out with treasurer duties you can contact me at 

Secretary: Kalie Knecht

Responsibilities include: taking minutes at executive meetings, advertising for general meetings, sending out a weekly email with upcoming events, updating the website with pictures and upcoming events and facilitating communication between the officers and the membership.

Webmaster: Robert Corrigan

My name is Robert Corrigan, and I hold the post of webmaster. I am also the Editor in Chief of ANS UTK’s new monthly newsletter, The Nuclear Noodle. Outside of ANS, I am an ambassador for the Tickle College of Engineering, and I am minoring in Spanish. Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions about the newsletter or website at

2017-2018 Class Representative Committee

Graduate Representative: Fan Zhang

Hi, I am Fan. I am a second year PhD student in Nuclear Engineering, working in Instrumentation and Control (I&C) research group. As the Graduate Representative, I am responsible for informing all the graduate students of upcoming ANS events and relevant updates mostly through a graduate student groupme group. Here is the link to join the group: You will find lots of interesting things here! If you want to be a member of ANS@UTK or give suggestions, you can contact me at

Senior Representative: Jay Diao

Jiayi (Jay) Diao is a senior majoring in Nuclear Engineering. He is currently working with Dr. Maldonado on neutron noise modeling for Small Modular Reactors. Over the summer, Jay interned with Exelon Nuclear in Nuclear Fuels–Reactor Engineering Oversight. He will be returning to Exelon as a Reactor Engineer next May. 

As the Senior Representative, Jay is responsible for informing the Senior class of upcoming ANS events and relevant updates from the society. He is also head of the Glasstone Award committee, which photographs and documents UTK’s ANS chapter throughout the year to compete for the Glasstone Award at the end of the year. The Glasstone committee is currently looking for more members, if you are interested, feel free to contact Jay at

Junior Representative: Emily Hutchins

Sophomore Representative: Ashley Goluoglu

Yes, that really is my last name. Goh-loo-OH-loo. It’s Turkish. Currently I am a…freshman? sophomore? Who knows.  I love nuclear power, and one of my main interests is increasing public awareness and support for it. Most of my favorite things to do are outside (hiking, biking, skiing, etc.), but I also love the occasional crafting when I’ve seen one too many a YouTube video making it look way easier than it is. I am moderately fluent in Spangturklish. I am very easy to contact at and will always read and reply.