2018 – 2019 Executive Committee

President: Sam Iyshed


Responsibilities include: scheduling speakers, organizing tours, appointing needed
positions, overseeing the executive committee, and working with other officers in
planning events.

Vice-President: Jonathan Wing

Hi, my name is Jonathan Wing and I’m this years Vice President of ANS at UT. I am a senior in Nuclear Engineering and plan on becoming a professor or working for a National Lab. What got me interested in my major was the history my grandfather shared with me about nuclear.

Treasurer: Miller McSwain

My name is Miller McSwain, and I am the Treasurer for ANS for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. My major is Nuclear Engineering, and my minor is Materials Science and Engineering. Currently, I am researching nuclear thermal propulsion for space travel. After my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue a graduate degree and perform more research on space applications for nuclear technology.

Secretary: Kayla Sims

Hello, I’m Kayla! I am a junior majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Materials Science! Outside of ANS I am a VolBreak leader, and I do undergraduate research. Following my undergraduate degree I hope to pursue a PhD in Engineering and Public Policy, and plan to spend my career working on Nuclear
Policy in Washington D.C.!

Webmaster: Paul Wallace


Hey, I’m Paul and webmaster for ANS this school year. I am a junior majoring in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Decommissioning. I am currently looking into the decommissioning of power plants, the transportation of nuclear material, and long term storage of radioactivity waste. Currently I am in charge of the website, social media, and outreach programs.



2017-2018 Class Representative Committee

Graduate Representative: Kyle Anderson

Hi! I am the Graduate Representative for ANS. My name is Kyle Anderson and I am second year graduate student researching safeguards for molten salt reactors. I plan to work in the field of nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation after I graduate. Outside of school and work I love to be hiking in the Smoky Mountains.”


Senior Representative: John Wagner


Junior Representative: Austin Welsh


Sophomore Representative: Kenny Bott

As the sophomore representative, I am responsible for informing the senior class of upcoming ANS events and relevant updates from the society.