Local ANS Meeting – December

ANS Dinner Meeting

ANS Members,

The next ANS local section dinner meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 9th at Altruda’s Italian Restaurant on N. Peters Rd. and will not feature a traditional technical seminar. Instead, we’ll have an optional white elephant gift exchange.

The cocktail hour will begin at 6:00pm, and dinner will be served at 7:00pm (see attached flyer for more information). Please RSVP on the event website at Payment (for Professionals) is not required at the time of registration. This event is free for students. We hope to see y’all next Wednesday!

Check out the event details on the flyer here.

Once again, good luck with finals!

ANS Crew

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Study Break

Study Break Tomorrow!

Hey Y’all,

We are planning on our yearly trip to the ANS Student Conference. This time in Madison, Wisconsin on March 31st through April 3rd of this upcoming 2016 year. Lodging through the Madison Concourse Hotel and transportation to and from Madison Wisconsin, will be provided by the UTK student chapter of ANS for interested student members. A minor fee to offset these costs will be obtained from serious attendees by February 17th. All interested attendees should provide their information in the following google doc by January 31st:
The official student conference website can be found at the following link while specific questions regarding this trip can be directed towards your treasurer, Danielle McFall. 

In other news, ANS-UTK is hosting a study break from 10:00am to 4:00pm on December 2nd in the Ferris NE Student Lounge. Snacks and drinks will be provided while card or video games will be brought by various members. As there is no official sign-up sheet for what will be brought to this event, members are encouraged to bring any activity of interest.

As a reminder, individuals who have not paid student chapter ANS dues are strongly encouraged to do so in order to participate in ANS sponsored events. $25 dues can be paid through cash/check/credit by contacting your treasurer, Danielle McFall. This $25 membership fee covers an entire school year of membership through ANS-UTK student chapter but not membership through the National American Nuclear Society. Aside from dues, any unclaimed t-shirts will be available at the January 19th general meeting. After the first spring general meeting, appointments must be made through Danielle McFall to obtain t-shirts. Lastly, we are running low on Large sized t-shirts so anyone who has not claimed their t-shirt and would like to obtain a Large sized t-shirt is encouraged to contact Danielle asap.

Good Luck with Finals!!!

ANS Crew

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GBM Tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!

General Body Meeting Tomorrow


We are having our monthly ANS general body meeting tomorrow night, 11/24/15 at 7:30pm in Min Kao 524! As usual, there will be food and drinks provided! We will have a special guest speaker, Jessica Shewmaker, who will speak on robotics in the nuclear field!

See everyone tomorrow evening, and go Vols!

ANS Crew

If we don’t get to see you tomorrow, have a great Thanksgiving!
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Upcoming Events – Important Details

There will be no ANS meeting tomorrow.

EPA Hearing This Friday!

There is an EPA hearing this Friday in Atlanta, and we would love for people to go! ANS UTK did this last year and the EPA loves to hear from students. There are a few speaker spots left, but even if you don’t want to speak, we encourage you to go and have a presence. Plus, it’s a fun time in Atlanta. Send any questions to Remy Devoe, and sign up at the link below:

Stuff is Postponed

Tomorrow’s Meeting Postponed

 The general body meeting originally scheduled for tomorrow night has been moved tonext Tuesday due to time conflicts with our speaker. I’lll send out more details next weekend, but you can expect the usual: evening timing, probably in Min Kao, and free dinner!

Watts Bar Tour Postponed

Also, the Watts Bar Tour which was originally scheduled for this weekend has been moved to sometime in February due to a malfunction at the plant requiring all on-site staff (including those who were supposed to give us a tour). Sorry for the postponement, but they are a nuclear power plant so I guess safety should come first…

 Final Exam Stress Postponed

That’s right. Because it’s time for the annual ANS Winter Study Break! Join us from 10-4 in the Nuclear Lounge on December 2nd for a much needed study break!
  • Potluck of food – feel free to bring something! (much will be provided along with it)
  • Board and card games – bring your favorite!
  • Super smash brothers tourney/free play!
  • Come take a break from studying and celebrate the end of the semester with us!

Human Factors Nuclear Survey

Please fill out this short survey for research in Human Factors by Stephen Dahunsi:

Have a great day and Go Vols!
-ANS Crew
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Purple Paint Party

#PurplePaintParty Tonight

Hey Vols!

You miss us? It’s been a while since we sent out an email! Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to fill your inboxes again over the next few weeks! There’s a lot of info in this email, so hang with us!

Guess what. American Nuclear Society at UTK (that’s us, by the way), will be participating in Relay for Life this year! What is Relay for Life, you ask? It’s a global fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. They raise money to support those battling cancer, plus fund grants for research into cancer treatments. You can find out more at

Come join us in supporting Relay for Life at the kickoff party tonight, at 5:30pm in FIJI Island, Fraternity Park! There will be free food, music, and tons of purple paint! The party is free for our Relay team members!! Registration for the Relay for Life event is only $5 until tomorrow morning (so register now!) if you use the coupon codeRelay2016. White Relay T-shirts (though soon to be purple) are sold at the event for $1 so don’t worry about ruining your clothes!

You can register for our team tonight at the event (registration opens at 5pm) or online now at! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Click to join our Relay Team!

Watts Bar / NAYGN Tailgate This Weekend!

Join us this Saturday, November 7th, before the South Carolina football game! We’ll be tailgating with the TVA Watts Bar Crew and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear chapter! They’re providing free food and drinks in Circle Park, starting at noon! They’re excited to meet all of you! It is NOT a formal event, so feel free to meet these professional nuclear engineers who might give you a job while wearing your most ridiculous bright orange and white overalls!

Watts Bar Tour Sign Up!

It’s officially happening – again! Join us for a tour of Watts Bar Nuclear Power Station on Saturday, November 21st. This is an awesome opportunity to check out a nuclear power reactor – if you’ve never been to a reactor (cough cough freshmen), you should definitely come on this trip! If you have been to a reactor, you should also definitely come on this trip (its still pretty cool). We’ll meet in the morning and carpool to the power plant!

Sign up for your spot here

After you sign up, we’ll contact you with the super secret forms to fill out that are required to visit a nuclear power plant!

Summer Internships and Scholarships

Dominion has posted their summer internships! Check out more information here.
ORNL has posted their summer internships! Check out more information here.
ANS has posted their scholarship opportunities! Check out more information here.
(Gotta love copy & paste…)

Cadillac Mountain Sign Up!

Join us on New Years when we go to Maine (yeah, that really cold place up North with lots of Moose.. Mooses? Meese?)! We’re gathering interest, so if you’re interested (non-commital), please sign up here!

Upcoming Events

  • Next ANS Meeting 11/17: Featuring a speaker from Y-12, Susan Turner. As always, free food. More details as the date gets closer!
  • WIN ORNL Tour 11/19: Contact Alyx for the deets!
  • AP Physics Class Outreach 11/20: Email Greg or Jerrad for the deets!
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National Nuclear Science Week Events

NNSW Events Today!

Hey all,

Today’s events are in the link below! Some really great speakers are giving very intriguing talks today. All free to attend at the KCC. They need attendees, and I encourage you guys to attend one or more of the sessions! You won’t regret going, but you will if you don’t!

NNSW Vols Needed Tomorrow!

First of all, an eternal thanks for those who volunteered yesterday! The day was a big success!!

Currently, we are in desperate need for volunteers for the last day of the Nuclear Science Week tomorrow (Saturday). ORNL looked to us for a big number of volunteers, yet for Saturday we have come up short.
We need to live up to our namesake and muster up the Good Ole’ Volunteer Spirit of Rocky Top tomorrow at the Knoxville Convention Center (a short walk from campus).

Some of the nuclear students from Vanderbilt will be showing up and showing out tomorrow in volunteering, and we need to do the same, especially in our own home field!

Also, the local ANS section and ORNL award scholarships of $3000 each year to a number of students. Approximately 1/3 of that application is volunteer work. I would encourage each of you to apply! And I can say with certainty that those who help with the NNSW will have a much stronger application than those who didn’t!

So come volunteer with us tomorrow at the KCC between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm. As said before, no need to register, just show up and sign in at the registration desk on the east side of the building!

We can’t do this without you!

– Greg Meinweiser

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ANS NNSW Volunteers Still Needed!

Happy National Nuclear Science Week!

NNSW Volunteers Needed

Hey all,

ORNL is still looking for some volunteers for tomorrow! No need to sign up online – please just show up at the conference center (walking distance from campus) whenever you can, and everything will be explained there! Email us with any questions!

Thanks so much for your support! Also, if you volunteer for 4 or more hours, you’ll be invited to the reception this weekend (aka free food)!

Have a great day and go Vols!

ANS Crew

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ANS General Body Meeting 10/20/15

General Body Meeting Tonight

Good morning Vols!

We are having our monthly ANS general body meeting tonight at 7:30pm in Min Kao 524! As usual, there will be food and drinks provided!

National Nuclear Science Week is this week! We still need some volunteers to help out Oak Ridge! You can sign up here:

Also, we need volunteers for the shielding competition on Thursday – email Jerrad:

And volunteers for Muse on Saturday – email Jerrad or Greg: jauxier1@vols.utk.eduor

Finally, we need volunteers for our table on Ped walkway this Wednesday for shifts between 11 and 2:30. Email Greg!

See everyone this evening, and go Vols!

ANS Crew

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ANS Fall Trip – Last Call

ANS Fall Trip!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick reminder about our upcoming trip later this week! Register now!

Our next social event is a trip to Ohio to visit the Cedar Point and Kings Island amusement parks, which will be from October 16th-18th (fall break)!! The total estimated costs for ANS UTK Members – $119.98-139.98 (see the breakdown below). This cost includes food and the tickets for the amusement park. Hopefully, ANS UTK will be able to cover the gas, hotel, and parking costs! For more information on the Kings Island Amusement Park, click here: For more information on the Cedar Point Amusement Park, click here:

Sign up here

Get excited!!
Above: Summary of costs for ANS Fall Trip.
Have a great day, and Go Vols!

ANS Crew

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NNSW Volunteers Needed

ORNL needs our help!!

Volunteers Needed

Hey everyone!

ORNL is VERY VERY short on volunteers for Nuclear Science Week on October 22nd-24th. Here are some ideas we have to do our part:

  • If you have not signed up for volunteering, go do it! They need us! And we need to help them out. Sign up for as many slots as you can! It will be in the Knoxville Convention Center (not even a 10 minute walk from Pasqua).
  • Talk to your friends! As part of one of the nuclear student societies on campus, you’re in the know about this stuff. Ask any of your friends in nuclear to join you when you volunteer! There are flyers posted all around Pasqua with more info, so you can direct them to it.
  • Ask your professors if you can make an announcement at the beginning or end of classes.

We need all hands on deck to get this done! Thank you all so much for your participation and support!

Finally, the good part: here’s the big button which takes you to the volunteering site for you to sign up or tell people about!


Button isn’t working for you? That’s no excuse! The direct link is here:

You guys rock! Have a great day, and Go Vols!

ANS Crew

PS – Can’t find that email from last week? All messages are posted online at for your viewing pleasure.

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