November GBM

We will be having our November General Body Meeting on Monday, November the 12th. The meeting will take place at 5:30 in Min Kao rm. 524. Our speaker will be Matt Cook, from our own department’s Institute of Nuclear Security. He will be talking about his work in cyber security, and there will be free pizza for all students in attendance as always.

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NRC SMR Hearing


On May 15th, the NRC will be hosting a public meeting to discuss topics associated with TVA’s early site permit application for the Clinch River Nuclear Site. Our involvement in events like this is crucial to the media narrative presented. Our voices make a difference!  If you are interested in attending, please sign up here so we can plan transportation. We have plans to establish a system of membership rewards for the coming school year, and events like this will factor hugely into earning membership rewards.

From the NRC Press Release:

The NRC will hold the meetings in the Pollard Technology Conference Center Auditorium, 210 Badger Ave., in Oak Ridge, from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. NRC staff presentations will describe the environmental review process and the proposed review schedule. Each meeting’s presentations will be followed by a formal public comment period. NRC open houses from 1-2 p.m. and 6-7 p.m., will provide members of the public the opportunity to speak informally with agency staff.

The Tennessee Valley Authority submitted the Clinch River application and associated information in May 2016, and provided follow-up information through the remainder of the year. TheEarly Site Permit process determines whether a site is suitable for future construction and operation of a nuclear power plant. The NRC held meetings in Oak Ridge in April 2016 to explain the review process to the surrounding community.

The application, minus proprietary and security-related details, is available on the NRC website. In addition, the Oak Ridge Public Library, 1401 Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge, and the Kingston Public Library, 1004 Bradford Way in Kingston, Tenn., have agreed to maintain a copy of the application’s environmental report for public inspection.

TVA is seeking resolution of safety and environmental issues related to a potential small modular reactor at the site, approximately five miles southwest of Oak Ridge. The NRC has established docket number 52-047 for this application. More information about the new reactor licensing process is available on the NRC website.

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Jan 31 Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended the general body meeting last night! Here are some links to various things discussed in the meeting!

The survey to decide meeting times can be found here.

The OR/K ANS Scholarship application can be found here.

The PPT of different activities discussed last night can be found here.

The survey for what you want ANS to do this semester can be found here.

The meeting minutes can be found here.

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January ANS Meeting

Hey Vols!

The January ANS General Body meeting is this Tuesday, January 31, at 7:30pm in Min Kao 404 (note different room). Make sure you come to hear about all the awesome events we have planned for this semester, plus a free dinner, as always! We hope to see you there!

Also, check out the other nuclear student societies event’s this week. Women in Nuclear (WiN) is hosting a panel discussion tomorrow night (Monday, January 30) at 7:30pm in Min Kao 524. The panel will feature your fellow Nuclear Engineering students who have interned or co-oped at utilities and national labs. The Health Physics Society (HPS) will be holding their monthly meeting (and officer elections) in Pasqua 206 immediately prior to the ANS meeting on Tuesday night at 6:30pm.

Finally, please help us decide our meeting times for this semester by filling out this 10 second long survey. Everyone’s availabilties due to classes and other commitments change each semester, and we want to pick a time that works best for everyone. Meetings will typically be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month – help us decide the time here!

See you later this week and Go Vols!

Your ANS Crew

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April ANS Meeting

OR/K ANS Dinner Meeting Tonight
Next UTK ANS Meeting Tuesday, April 26
Hey Vols!

The OR/K ANS Dinner Meeting will take place tonight, Thursday, April 14 at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy and will feature a tour of the facility by the Provision VP! Aside from this itself being really cool and really free, you’ll also get a free dinner and hear from their guest speaker. Check out the details below!

The April UT ANS meeting is also coming up!

  • Date: April 26th (Notice 4th Tuesday of the month)
  • Time: 6:30 pm   (Notice change in usual time)
  • Place: Min Kao 524 (This didn’t change)
  • Speaker: Susan Turner from Y-12
  • Food: Yes, always

See the details below to learn more about our speaker, Dr. Susan Turner from Y-12!

OR/K ANS Meeting

Local ANS Members,

The next dinner meeting will take place on Thursday, Apr. 14 at the Provision Center for Proton Therapy and will feature a tour of the facility by Provision Vice President Bill Hansen. Niek Schreuder, M.Sc. DABR will give a talk on pencil beam scanning for delivering radiation dose to targets for proton beam radiotherapy. Niek serves as vice president and chief medical physicist for Provision. He has more than 24 years of experience in all aspects of proton beam radiotherapy and is considered one of the foremost medical physics pioneers in the world in proton therapy.

The tour will begin at 5:30pm, and dinner will be served at 6:45pm (see attached flyer and eventbrite website for more information). Please RSVP on the event website at Payment (for Professionals) is not required at time of registration. We hope to see y’all there!

Oak Ridge/Knoxville ANS Executive Committee

You can find the flyer here.

UTK ANS Meeting

  • Date: April 26th (Notice 4th Tuesday of the month)
  • Time: 6:30 pm   (Notice change in usual time)
  • Place: Min Kao 524 (This didn’t change)
  • Speaker: Susan Turner from Y-12
  • Food: Yes, always

Susan Barnard Turner, PhD

Dr. Turner is a nuclear engineer and Senior Program Manager at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She has managed Defense, Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Emergency Response programs since 2005. She previously served as a nuclear criticality safety facility lead engineer and engineering manager in Y-12’s Safety Analysis Engineering organization. Dr. Turner currently supports project activities, graduate students, and faculty for the University of Tennessee under the UT- Y-12 Joint Appointment Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Dr. Turner was a Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) U.S. Special Monitor and uranium processing subject matter expert supporting the DOE-NNSA NA-24 HEU U.S.-Russian Special Monitoring Program.  She traveled regularly to the Russian Federation to monitor process activities of the 1993 HEU Purchase Agreement.  This agreement provided 500 metric tons of former Russian weapon-source HEU for down blending to low assay UF6 and manufacture into nuclear fuel for U.S. commercial nuclear power plants. The program ended in 2013.

Dr. Turner won a DOE Defense Programs Award of Excellence in 2003 for her work supporting nuclear criticality safety and radiation shielding. She is a member of the American Nuclear Society and was Program Chair for the local Oak Ridge-Knoxville ANS chapter in 2005-2006.  She was also Program Chair of the National ANS Special Committee to the President on Nuclear Nonproliferation (SCNN) in 2009- 2010. She has both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and completed her PhD in 2016.  She is also a certified project management professional.

Dr. Turner is a second generation Y-12 employee with 30 years of service, both parents having met and served at Y-12 under the Manhattan Project which helped to end World War II.  Her mother was a “Calutron Girl,” and her father was a material inspector.  She currently lives in Knoxville with her husband, Wendell, who retired from Y-12. They have two grown children and four grandchildren.

We hope to see you all at the meeting!

Have a great day and Go Vols!
Your ANS Crew

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Local Section Student Presentations

Student Presentation Awards

Please take a look at this awesome opportunity to win cold hard cash from our very own local ANS section!

Oak Ridge/Knoxville Local ANS Section Members,

The upcoming March OR/K ANS Local Section Dinner Meeting will feature some very special presenters: our Local Section’s students!  With the 2016 ANS Student Conference rapidly approaching, we would like to feature our students this month and give them a chance to practice their presentations in front of a friendly (and constructively critical) audience.  Students will submit abstracts or conference papers for their presentation topics and we will select 5 students to present at the dinner meeting.  Cash prizes will be awarded to all students who are selected to present at the meeting.  The awards will be as follows:

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $100
Honorable Mention: $50

Students will have from today until midnight on Tuesday, March 1st to submit their abstracts/conference papers.  Papers should be emailed to Chris Perfetti at  These papers should be formatted appropriately for whatever conference to which you will submit this paper.  We would like to focus primarily on papers that will be presented at the 2016 ANS Student Conference, but papers from other conferences will also be considered.  Please indicate where you intend to present your work if it is not at the ANS Student Conference.

Students should bring their presentations with them to the dinner meeting in a PowerPoint or PDF format (preferably both).  Presentations will be 10 minutes in length with an additional approximately 2 minutes for questions.  We will send out the list of selected presenters (and the order of their presentations) on Wednesday, March 2nd.

Please contact Chris Perfetti at if you have any further questions.

Your Local OR/K ANS Section

Check out these updates from our last meeting if you missed them:

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

  • Introduce a girl to engineering at this awesome outreach event!
  • Email Greg if you’re interested in helping us out, we need one or two more Vols!

Relay for Life Sign Up

  • Register for Relay for Life today!
  • It’s Online Rivalry week – R4L at UTK is in a battle with the University of Kentucky Relay! The school which signs up the most participants and raises the most money this week only will win a pizza party sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Help us beat Kentucky!
  • It’s easy to sign up – join our team online today, it only takes 2 minutes.
  • Sign up here – Join our Team today!!
Join Our Relay Team!


  • Officer Elections will be held at our General Body Meeting immediately following spring break.
  • If you are interested, start sending in short bios (who you are, why you want to be an officer, why you are qualified) – about a paragraph in length.
  • Remember – the more involved you are in ANS, the more likely you are to get a position. Join our Relay team and go to outreach events like the one above to prove you’re an essential part of ANS!
  • A complete list of the officer positions and their responsibilities is available on our website:

Meeting Powerpoints

Website Notes

  • Have any comments or suggestions regarding the website or emails? Please let me know! -Chris

Have a great week and Go Vols!
-Your ANS Crew

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GBM on 2/16

ANS Meeting Tomorrow!

Quick reminder: we are having a meeting tomorrow, 2/16 at 7:30pm, with special guest Dyrk Greenhalgh speaking about security. Free food, as always. The meeting will be held in Min Kao 524! See you there.

Other Stuff

Anyone who is interested in helping with the Boy Scout’s Nuclear Merit Badge at the Merit Badge College this Saturday (2/20) contact myself ASAP for details, times and such. They really appreciated all of the UTK students that helped with this at the Nuclear Science Week and would love some to volunteer with this.

Watts Bar Tour sign ups – We need your authorization forms ASAP, so please get them to Jerrad! (

Be on the lookout for a Pronova Tour in April (TBA)

Make sure you get your ANS Student Conference money to Danielle by Wednesday (2/17)!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and Go Vols!
-Your ANS Crew

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Upcoming Events, 2/4/16

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 10th: NEUP Scholarship and Fellowship Applications Due
  • Feb 16th: Next ANS Meeting
    • Featuring UTK Adjunct Faculty Dyrk Greenhalgh on “Security: What it is, and what it ain’t”. Food provided!
  • Feb 17th: Those going on student conference need to pay Danielle by COB on 02/17/16.
  • March 4th: Elementary School Event – Help needed, see below!
  • March 5th: Watts Bar Tour – see below!
  • April 8th: ANS at Relay for Life – see below!
As always, you can see a calendar of all the upcoming events on our website here!

TVA Watts Bar Tour!

We have a tour set for March 5th. Time TBA. If you haven’t signed up yet, you have till Monday (Feb 8th) at COB to sign up below! For those who have no idea what we’re talking about – you have the opportunity to join ANS for a guided tour of Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant. If you’ve never been before, you don’t want to miss this! If you have been before, it’s still super cool!


Foreign Nationals are welcome to come, but will need to send in the appropriate authorization forms even more ASAP than nationals. (email Greg for those)


When you sign up, you’ll receive an email from Greg about what to do next.

Elementary School Outreach

Adam Aaron from the Remote System s group will be helping Chris Kilgore from HFIR host an event at Middle Settlements Elementary School in Louisville.  The school is located near the airport.


Adam is hoping to take:

  • ANDROS (2 People required)
  • Ball Manipulator  (1 Person)
  • 1 LEAP station (We will have it set on visualizer/game mode) (1 Person)
  • 1 Pi station of possible (Need Lead)


We will also did the E-Mag demo



Date:                         3/04/16

Time:                         6:00 to 8:00pm

Location:                  Middle Settlements Elementary (K-5)

Address:                   3105 Miser Station Rd, Louisville, TN 37777


Attendees: We average 150 Students and 100 Parents for this Annual Event


We may need the volunteers to come early to help set up.  If that is the case-I will provide pizza and soft drinks for you.

Email Greg if you are interested!

ANS at Relay for Life!

ANS at UTK will be participating in Relay for Life this year!

If you haven’t heard of Relay for Life, here’s the basic rundown:

  • Fundraising event to raise money for the American Cancer Society
  • Money raised goes to support cancer research, early detection, programs for patients & survivors, and much more.
  • Relay for Life fundraisers are held all across the world, with over 5,000 events in the USA alone.
So what is the “Relay”?
  • On April 8th, from 6pm to 3am, teams will gather outside HSS, where a track will be set up. The goal of Relay is to have at least one person from the team walking (or running, if you so choose) around the track for the entire event.
  • Teams fundraise at the event, so there will be bake sales, grilled food, fun activities, and just about anything you can imagine – from trivia to donuts to midnight Zoomba (don’t worry, lots of stuff for free!).
  • We have a celebration for those in our lives who have battled cancer – usually most people’s favorite part of the night.
What exactly do you do?
  • Join our team! Registration costs only $15, and all of that goes towards our fundraising goal.
  • Ask family and friends for donations prior to the event.
  • Come to Relay for Life on April 8th and support ANS!
Join our team now by visiting our page here!
Visit the site above and click “Join Our Team”. (Or copy and paste:

If you have any questions about Relay, email Chris at

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Local Section Meeting 2/9

Local Section Meeting

Hey everyone! Please see the information about tomorrow night’s local section dinner meeting. Remember, students eat free!

This is a reminder for the ANS dinner meeting tomorrow night with Dr. Costas Tsouris as our speaker. Registration is still open at

. We hope to see you there!

The next dinner meeting will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 9th at Calhoun’s On the River. This is a joint dinner meeting with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and will feature Dr. Costas Tsouris as our speaker. His talk is titled, “Uranium from Seawater”. Dr. Tsouris holds a joint appointment with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Georgia Institute of Technology and specializes in chemical processing.
The cocktail hour will begin at 5:30pm, and dinner will be served at 6:30pm (see attached flyer for more information). Please RSVP on the event website at

. Payment (for Professionals) is not required at time of registration. We hope to see y’all there!

Oak Ridge/Knoxville ANS Executive Committee

NAYGN Scholarship

Conference Scholarship Opportunity
May 23-25, 2016

North American Young Generation in Nuclear
is now soliciting student applications to attend the

2016 Nuclear Energy Assembly in Miami, FL

Who is Eligible
Any student currently enrolled in a nuclear curriculum at an academic institution with an interest in working in the nuclear sector. (e.g. engineering, health physics, technology, policy, law, etc.)

What the Scholarship Includes
Limited scholarships are available; reasonable travel, hotel accommodations, and registration will be covered for the selected students.

Conference Information

How to Apply
Interested students should submit the following to Jamie Williams no later than 5pm EDT on March 4, 2016.

  1. A current copy of your resume
  2. Cover Letter that includes your:
    1. Current and Permanent Address
    2. Telephone Number
    3. Email Address
    4. Name of the College or University you attend
    5. Focus of Study (the degree or major you are working to complete)
    6. Nuclear Reference (Name and contact information for a professor or industry employee who suggested the student applies for the scholarship)
    7. 3-5 paragraphs on why you should be selected to attend the conference
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