Promoting Nuclear Science And Engineering

The American Nuclear Society At UTK

We are a student-run organization dedicated to the promotion of Nuclear Science and Engineering on our Campus and in the East Tennessee Community.


Making Nuclear Power Economical: Congress Passes Tax Benefits for New Nuclear

By: John Wagner

Previously untapped oil and natural gas reserves have revved up a fossil-fuel boom recently, as new drilling techniques and decreased regulation open up new parts of the world for mining. This fossil-fuel boom has pushed the prices of both natural gas and oil far below predicted..

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Keeping Up with the Heat: Accident Tolerant Fuel and Cladding

By: John Taylor

Almost seven years ago, disaster struck the nuclear industry when a tsunami severely damaged the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. In the wake of the accident, the global nuclear industry sought more ways to improve reactor safety in emergency situations. To improve the..

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