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Our Mission

The Nuclear Noodle Newsletter is a student-run e-newsletter that covers news pertaining to the U.S. and global nuclear industries. Our objectives include: 

  • Giving students interested in nuclear science and engineering a platform to express their views
  • Informing the student body and greater Knoxville community about events in the nuclear industry
  • Providing students and members of the nuclear industry with context for how technological advancements in the nuclear industry affect society, as well as how public opinion influences the growth of the nuclear industry
  • Ensuring that students have opportunities to get involved in ANS from day one of their freshman year
  • Promoting nuclear science and technology 

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Making Nuclear Power Economical: Congress Passes Tax Benefits for New Nuclear

By: John Wagner Previously untapped oil and natural gas reserves have revved up a fossil-fuel boom recently, as new drilling techniques and decreased regulation open up new parts of the world for mining. This fossil-fuel boom has pushed the prices of both natural gas and oil far below predicted levels, making fossil-fuel power plants moreContinue reading →


Keeping Up with the Heat: Accident Tolerant Fuel and Cladding

By: John Taylor Almost seven years ago, disaster struck the nuclear industry when a tsunami severely damaged the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. In the wake of the accident, the global nuclear industry sought more ways to improve reactor safety in emergency situations. To improve the resiliency of its nation’s own reactors, the U.S. Department ofContinue reading →


Professor Files Lawsuit Against Academic Critic : Why You Should Care

By: Matthew Herald In 2015, Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson published a paper claiming the United States can transition to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050. This can be achieved, he argues, by increasing generation and storage of wind, water, and solar while simultaneously cutting coal, natural gas, and nuclear. At the time of publishing,Continue reading →


The Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review: What does it mean for international relations?

By Luke Seifert The Trump administration recently released the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which lays out their plan for nuclear armament within the U.S. While past reviews were dedicated to reducing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, the new policies focus on maintaining and modernizing our nuclear weapons. The report states that “It is now clearContinue reading →


A New Home for the Nuclear Engineering Department

By Robert Corrigan At the start of the spring semester, nuclear engineering students returned to a very different looking department from the previous term. Over winter break, the nuclear engineering (NE) department made its long-awaited move out of Pasqua Engineering into the former Earth & Planetary Sciences building, now temporarily dubbed the Engineering and SciencesContinue reading →


Scientists Develop Diamond Battery that Runs on Radiation

By Devon Drey In December of 2016, physicists and chemists at the University of Bristol Cabot Institute in the United Kingdom posted a press release introducing a next-generation nuclear battery, one that utilizes radiation to generate electricity. This new battery could provide a means for turning radioactive waste into electricity for small or lower powerContinue reading →