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Our Mission

The Nuclear Noodle Newsletter is a student-run e-newsletter that covers news pertaining to the U.S. and global nuclear industries. Our objectives include: 

  • Giving students interested in nuclear science and engineering a platform to express their views
  • Informing the student body and greater Knoxville community about events in the nuclear industry
  • Providing students and members of the nuclear industry with context for how technological advancements in the nuclear industry affect society, as well as how public opinion influences the growth of the nuclear industry
  • Ensuring that students have opportunities to get involved in ANS from day one of their freshman year
  • Promoting nuclear science and technology 

Our Contact Info

Any inquiries about the Nuclear Noodle Newsletter, including our publishing schedule, website problems, issues with receiving email notifications, and more can be directed to Please include ‘Nuclear Noodle’ in the subject line.


Comments on our articles are reviewed by the editor/ webmaster, and we will try to approve and respond to as many comments as we can.

Thank You for Your Support, and Your Patience: Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, This issue has been a long time coming. I’ve learned so much throughout the process of producing these first two issues, and I’m excited to continue publishing The Noodle. I can’t do it alone, and we need more and more help if we want to reach an even wider audience. I just gotContinue reading →


Fukushima in Review

By John Wagner This year marks the 7th anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, the most impactful nuclear accident of the 21st century. The tragic triple-meltdown occurred after a 9.0 earthquake, and the resulting thirty-foot tall tsunami, cut off power to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. After the earthquake, all of the reactorsContinue reading →


Putin’s Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly: Need for Fear?

By Luke Seifert On March 1st, 2018, Russian president Vladimir Putin gave his presidential address to the Russian Federal Assembly. The speech was focused on two main topics: the development of Russia and its people, and Russian national security. Specifically, Putin spent much of his speech discussing advances Russia has made in nuclear weaponry. AContinue reading →


Remnants of the Space Race: Nuclear Thermal Propulsion

By John Taylor The idea of using nuclear fission to propel a ship through space dates to the Cold War, when both the United States and the Soviet Union conducted studies related to nuclear propulsion. At the time, none of these rockets ever entered space due to budget shortcomings, interests shifting away from reaching Mars,Continue reading →


Fusion Energy in 15 Years: Advancements in Superconducting Magnets

By Charles McSwain Fusion energy promises to supply the world with abundant clean energy by capturing the energy released by joining two nuclei. Research to make this form of energy production a viable replacement for coal has been ongoing since the 1950’s. Significant advances in fusion have been made, however, decades of research has yetContinue reading →


Environmentalists Embrace Nuclear Energy to Fight Climate Change

By Matthew Herald Opposition to nuclear energy has historically been high among environmentalists. Nuclear waste, the possibility of accidents, and the association with weapons has made nuclear energy an unpopular choice in the traditional green movement. However, signs of change are beginning to show in California, signifying a larger change happening throughout the world. Photo:Continue reading →